1. Bancroft
    Para Siempre

  2. Primary Secondary
    Chris Fish

  3. Library Groove
    Joel Weston

  4. Handle Dat
    Boondock Saints (ft. John Blunt & Brookfield Duece)

  5. Sankofa
    Rasheed Jamal

  6. Circulated Undercover Ground (single)
    Known To Collapse

  7. Horsefly

  8. Super Cookies (single)
    Shonuff NYC

  9. Presidential (single)
    Eastside Pound Gang

  10. Run (single)
    Brookfield Duece

  11. Sparks
    Vela Eyes

  12. Dedicated to the Streets

  13. Tom Brady (single)
    Brookfield Duece

  14. January
    Brookfield Duece

  15. Lantern (Single)
    Vela Eyes

  16. I'm Him (single)

  17. All Good (Single)
    Shonuff NYC ft. C.A.S.H. Rules

  18. Northbound
    Glenn Waco

  19. Eastside Pound Gang
    Eastside Pound Gang

  20. Dominga

  21. Bottom To The Top
    Brookfield Duece

  22. In the 6th Cycle of the Sun

  23. The Only Days
    The Only Days

  24. When Your Skirt Hits The Floor (Single)
    We Will Be Lions

  25. Burn Me Like A Disco (Single)
    We Will Be Lions

  26. City of God

  27. ¥57792.50 寿司 [$500 SUSHI]
    Brookfield Duece & Marcus Bowers

  28. All You Do in the 6th Cycle of the Sun

  29. Ain't Nothing To It (Single)

  30. LP2
    Vengance For Butterflies

  31. Training Camp
    Brookfield Duece

  32. S.:eft

  33. Mahogany

  34. Old Me (ft. Joyntz & Stan Pablo) (Single)
    Brookfield Duece

  35. Peer Pressure (Single)
    Brookfield Duece

  36. 35,000 (Single)
    Brookfield Duece

  37. The Electrical Dream Code
    Midtown Electric

  38. As Worlds They Rise And Fall

  39. Burn Me Like A Disco Remixes
    We Will Be Lions

  40. Stray

  41. Classsik
    Mr. Davis

  42. Moon Country

  43. Boondock Saints
    Boondock Saints

  44. We Will Be Lions, You Will Be Heroes
    We Will Be Lions

  45. Ceeza Luciano
    Ceeza Luciano

  46. 10 Speed
    Brookfield Duece

  47. 10 Speed Remixes
    Brookfield Duece

  48. Collectives
    Known To Collapse

  49. Real Space
    Ryan Watts

  50. Sherpa

  51. Green Chair Music Vol. 2.0

  52. Green Chair Music Vol. 2.1

  53. Green Chair Music Vol. 2.2

  54. Deus Ex Machina
    DJ Project

  55. New World
    A Rush

  56. Flamingo Hotel
    BHC Family

    Randy California

  58. Shipwreck
    Zona Rosa

  59. MDEP

  60. $
    Stacks (Brookfield Duece & Ryan Watts)

  61. Hollow Bones Requiem
    Vengance For Butterflies

  62. The Answer Lies In The Question… or, Do I Really Remember How I Got Home Last Night

  63. The Awareness Festival
    The Awareness Festival

  64. Blue Collar Hip-Hop (The Tape)
    Dominant Genetikz

  65. Candle Lit Vigil

  66. Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
    Open World

  67. Green Chair Music Vol.1

  68. Bag Of Green
    Joel Weston

  69. Soirée
    Randy California

  70. Hong Kong Lounge
    Midtown Electric

  71. The Realization
    Vengance For Butterflies

  72. Let's Ride//Not In My Home

  73. Être Décevrons
    Midtown Electric

  74. 私のところに来 (COME TO ME)
    Randy California


Green Chair Music San Francisco, California

Independent Label based out of San Francisco, CA focusing on the broad spectrum of sound and vision. greenchairmusic@gmail.com for demo submissions and further artist info.

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